Tolix Industrial A Chair

IN STOCK – $249 each for the Tolix-named finish Brut Verni Brilliant (known as “gunmetal” by others )


Ready for immediate delivery and NO SALES TAX for out of state shipping!




Brilliant                      Matte                        Galvanized                Perforated Brilliant

Pottery Barn does NOT sell galvanized Tolix A Chairs.  Pottery Barn discusses the galvanizing process, but the chair they continue to show is the steel chair with a lacquer coat – the Brut Verni Brilliant finish! (I think Pottery Barn did not read the fine print from Tolix when ordering their chairs and have unintentionally misled the public.  I personally have taken  tour of the Tolix factory to get a first-hand understanding of their products.  In fact, the Tolix company has confirmed with me directly that they do not sell the galvanized model to any  other company, except for Antiquaire!!!)

Also be sure to look for the TradeMark stamp of Tolix on every Tolix product!  On the back of the Tolix A Chairs, the stamp should look like this:



You may also note the gorgeous sotter work on the seams.  the is classic Tolix.  You may see on other webpages where this is simply called a “1934 Dining Chair“, there is no reference to the manufacturer Tolix, and also, there is NO Tolix stamp on the backs of the chairs!  Be aware of knock offs.  These companies also self apply a varnish that is NOT factory applied!!!  Be aware that your are purchasing a true Tolix product!  If there is not Tolix stamp in the photo on the back of the chairs, it is NOT Tolix!

tolix-a-chair-079 table-55-mid-atlantic-restaurant-10-2009-31

Antiquaire is the only place where you can custom order your Tolix chairs in over 200 colors!  Click more for few examples are below!

tolix-a-chair-056 tolix-a-chair-086 tolix-a-chair-095 tolix-a-chair-099 tolix-a-chair-090 tolix-a-chair-003 tolix-a-chair-012 tolix-a-chair-084 tolix-a-chair-007 tolix-a-chair-063

Tolix Classic Industrial A Chair (1934 Marais Dining Chair Design by Xavier Pauchard)



Design by Xavier Pauchard

Custom order the Tolix Classic A Chair in any of the Tolix colors at no additional charge!


Seat Width: 14″W

Seat Depth: 14″D

Seat Height: 17.5″H

Overall Height: 33.5″H

Base Width: 16.5″W

Weight: 10.12 lbs

Chairs are Stackable


Steel finishes:

Brut Verni Brilliant, Brut Verni Matte, Galvanized not varnished, Galvanized varnished.

Painted finishes:

See below

Click on the RAL Color Deck below to see all of your color choices:

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