Tolix A Chair Special

Tolix A Chair* – $237

*in Brilliant finish & Brilliant Dark Finishes only

(known as “gunmetal” by others) – while supplies last.

NO SALES TAX for out of state shipping!

These chairs are actually called the Tolix A chair, designed in 1934 by Xavier Pauchard, in a small town in France.  The names Marais and gunmetal were never actually used by Tolix.

Tolix still to this day describes their “gunmetal” finish as Brut Verni Brilliant, which is the lacquered coated steel chair, and Satine which is the raw steel chair with no lacquer.  The mat finish looks more like a colonial pewter color, while the brilliant finish give the steel a deeper, shiny quality.

Antiquaire is the only place in the country that can give you either choice, and with any height stools to match any finish!


(Tolix A Chairs in Brut Verni Brilliant Finish in Whole Foods)

In addition, the Brut Verni Brilliant (gunmetal) chairs are NOT galvanized, no matter what any other website tries to claim.  Galvanizing is a special metal process which makes the chairs completely weather proof by dipping them in zinc.  Afterward, the finish is extremely bright  and shiny and has the characteristic “drizzle” effect.  If others state that you need an extra coat of lacquer to put them outside, they are NOT galvanized.

Take a look at the Tolix A Chairs below:


Brut Verni Brilliant                 Brut Verni Matte                    Galvanized






Galvanized with “Drizzle” Effect

Also, check out this great Wikipedia article about Hot-Dipped Galvanization:

This should defineitley put the issue to rest about others claiming thier chairs are galvanized when they are really not!

Also be sure to look for the TradeMark stamp of Tolix on every Tolix product!  On the back of the Tolix A Chairs, the stamp should look like this:



You may also note the gorgeous sotter work on the seams.  the is classic Tolix.  You may see on other webpages where this is simply called a “1934 Dining Chair“, there is no reference to the manufacturer Tolix, and also, there is NO Tolix stamp on the backs of the chairs!  Be aware of knock offs.  These companies also self apply a varnish that is NOT factory applied!!!  Be aware that your are purchasing a true Tolix product!  If there is not Tolix stamp in the photo on the back of the chairs, it is NOT Tolix!

These chairs are available in a wide variety of colors. See below

Steel finishes:

Brut Verni Brilliant, Brilliant Dark, Satine, RAW steel, & The Antiquaire Finish.

Painted finishes:

See below

Click on the RAL Color Deck below to see all of your color choices:


*Tolix products are protected by copyright, making it illegal for
another company to clone this stool. Antiquaire sells 100% authentic
Tolix products.

 *The Tolix products should be protected from moisture and kept indoors when not in use to maintain its finish.

*Slight surface abrasions and markings are characteristic of the material and part of its hardworking machine aesthetic


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