New Tolix Inventory


We are pleased to announce that Antiquaire provides the entire line of Tolix in the United States!

No other company can provide the choice and availability of authentic Tolix furniture like Antiquaire!


Some places can ONLY offer you this selection (and hardly ever in stock):  Antiquaire can offer you this and soooo much more selection and customer service! See what Antiquaire has in stock for you!

Canon 03-20-2011 346A Canon 03-20-2011 351A


Oooh  La La!  Tres Chic! Tiffany Box Blue! And ONLY at Antiquaire!

Sapphire in stock and ready to ship!


Another Exclusive Pretty in Pink! and The Oranges! ….and ONLY at Antiquaire!




Exclusive New Color at Antiquaire!  Summer Green! ….. and ONLY at Antiquaire!



Black… the new BLACK!!!!!  Ohh so chic!….. and ONLY at Antiquaire!




Khaki Olive and Black!

In stock and ONLY at Antiquaire! Khaki Olive and White!

Cream vs. White…Tough Decisions! ONLY Antiquaire has both in stock!

CREAM   (left)     WHITE  (right)


Bordeaux - New Color never before been in North America!

tolix-a-chair-067 tolix-a-chair-065  

tolix-a-chair-0701 tolix-a-chair-069


Now Available: Chocolate – and as always exclusive to Antiquaire!


Tolix A Chairs in Brut Verni Matte — ONLY at Antiquaire!


Antiquaire can provide over 200 Custom Colors of any model chair or stool that Tolix offers!

tolix-a-chair-079 tolix-a-chair-078









The World of “Greige”


Brut Verni Brilliant       Brut Verni Matte     Galvanized     Perforated Steel Brilliant

tolix-grand-dossier-002 tolix-petite-dossier-015

Grand Dossier Brut Verni Brilliant      Petite Dossier Matte and Brilliant


C Armchair Brilliant      A Brilliant     A97 Armchair Brilliant


A Chair Brilliant            AC Chair Brilliant



Tolix Tabouret Stools available in all sizes (dining height, counter height, bar height) and all finishes Brut Verni Matte (back left)  Brut Verni Brilliant (back right)  Galvanized (front)



Tolix Short Stackable Tabouret Stools available now in these colors as well as Brut Verni Brilliant and GalvanizedOther colors custom ordered!


Steel finishes:

Brut Verni Brilliant, Brut Verni Matte, Galvanized not varnished, Galvanized varnished.

Painted finishes:

See below

Click on the RAL Color Deck below to see all of your color choices:

*Tolix products are protected by copyright, making it illegal for
another company to clone this stool. Antiquaire sells 100% authentic
Tolix products.

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