Tribal Heirloom Rugs

The Tribal Collection features designs that have been woven for centuries by tribes in the mountains of central Afghanistan. The fine, supple weave has the look and handle of old Caucasian or Turkmen rugs. The rugs predominantly showcase bold, rich colors and geometric patterns.

Turkmen Collection

ARZU STUDIO HOPE’s Turkmen Collection celebrates the rich cultural history of the Afghan people. The Turkmen people emerged during the late first millennium as pastoral nomads in Central Asia, especially in Turkmenistan and Afghanistan. They wove rugs for centuries and even after settling in one place, most continued to weave rugs in sizes and shapes …


Peace Cord Bracelets

PROCEEDS FROM PEACE CORD SALES BENEFIT GRASSROOTS PROGRAMS IN AFGHANISTAN Peace Cord is a bracelet hand woven by women in Afghanistan from parachute cord and authentic military uniform buttons. It is a partnership between two nonprofits. Arzu Studio Hope creates artisan based employment for women and Spirit of America supports the humanitarian work of U.S troops …