2 Vintage Tolix 55 Table in Gray and Original Wood Top

Larger Table comrar venta tofranil SOLD

Smaller Matching Table comprar azulfidine sin receta Available


1950 Vintage Tolix 55 Table in Gray with Original Wood Top

47.25″W  x  27.5″D  x  28.75″H – Comprar Propecia SOLD

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31.5″W  x  20.25″D  x  28.75″H – comprar lanoxin AVAILABLE

(19.5″  spread under apron, 29.25″  spread at base of legs)


kaufen This table is also available in the new Tolix style in a wide variety of colors. See below

diflucan kaufen Steel finishes:

Brut Verni Brilliant, Brut Verni Matte, Galvanized not varnished, Galvanized varnished.

acquistare zyloprim Painted finishes:

See below

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