2 Vintage Tolix 55 Table in Gray and Original Wood Top

Larger Table SOLD

Smaller Matching Table Available


vintage-tolix-55-table-2 vintage-tolix-55-table-3 vintage-tolix-55-table-4 vintage-tolix-55-table-5

1950 Vintage Tolix 55 Table in Gray with Original Wood Top

47.25″W  x  27.5″D  x  28.75″H – SOLD


31.5″W  x  20.25″D  x  28.75″H – AVAILABLE

(19.5″  spread under apron, 29.25″  spread at base of legs)


This table is also available in the new Tolix style in a wide variety of colors. See below

Steel finishes:

Brut Verni Brilliant, Brut Verni Matte, Galvanized not varnished, Galvanized varnished.

Painted finishes:

See below

Click on the RAL Color Deck below to see all of your color choices:

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