The Tolix Factory & History

Antiquaire recently spent time in the brand new state-of-the-art Tolix factory in France.

Chantal Androit

Chantal Andriot, former CFO of the family business of three generations of Pauchards, took over the as head of the company in 2004,  and is the reason for the global success of Tolix today.

Melissa and Chantal

Antiquaire is a proud distributor of the entire line of Tolix products, and strives to educate the consumer on the value and quality of the Tolix products.

Tolix’s production is never usually allowed to be photographed or filmed.

Here is one time when cameras were allowed in for some photos and video of the production line.

For all Tolix lovers, (like us), this video really makes one understand what specialty care goes into making a Tolix product. Each chair or stool is hand finished to give it the strength, durability, safety and aesthetics that supports the Tolix Brand.

Please watch the amazing video below:

Naissance d’un siège Tolix from Karim El Hadj on Vimeo.

Xavier Pauchard in 1907 is the first in France to perform galvanizing and seeks to industrialize the process within its society, institutions Pauchard X, known at that time for the actual X-vane, as well as for the machine Washing and wringer of the same name.

In 1927 it filed the trademark Tolix to house all of its production, “seats, metal chairs and stools.”

From the 30 models Tolix face considerable success, equipping turns the Normandie, then the hundred hectares of the Universal Exhibition of 1937 in Paris.

Relayed a success on the terraces of cafes, in gardens, classrooms and gendarmerie. Tolix symbol of an era through the years, generations, Jean Pauchard Tolix created the company and took the leadership in 1955. The gardens equipped with chairs and tables now.

Starting from 1986, after taking direction by Boris Pauchard, Tolix campaign and is known to New York to Tokyo.

In 2004, the company is in liquidation, until Chantal Andriot present its restructuring plan with the aim to combine tradition and modernity, to put this industrial heritage. Today the challenge is raised, the strength of the company rose from 20 to 40, the turnover reached 3 million, Tolix innovative materials such as concrete Ductal ® (License Lafarge) half the turnover is generated abroad.

The family traditions still, as well as settlements Pauchard, now called: Tanks Pauchard led by the grand-son of the founder.

Tolix furniture is still manufactured in the town of Autun in Burgundy.

After dropping off the mark in 1927 Tolix, Xavier Pauchard decides to expand its activity and produce chairs, metal chairs and stools.

Thus was born the Model A, which becomes the first French industrial chair (with the help of Pierre Moreau)
The model is essential since the 1930s, for its design, its technical manufacturing and ease of use.

Stackable, lightweight, durable and comfortable, there are many qualities of the chair Tolix.

Having surveyed the decks of the aircraft carrier Normandie, the café terraces, chambers of students, the chair now runs the covers of newspapers and meeting today, a phenomenal success thanks to its design, which is a symbol of furniture, 30 years today.



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