Tolix Perforated Seating by Normal Studio

Antiquaire is pleased to announce that is the ONLY company in the United States to carry the new line of Tolix perforated Steel Furniture by Normal Studio!

Tolix Perforated A chairs have arrived!

All models now avaiable in perforated finishes.

normal-studio-a-chair-large Tolix A56 Chairs in Perforated Violet

Tolix A56 chair from Antiquaire in Violet Perforated finish.



And now…just in…NEW Tolix Perforated Tabourets!

tabourets-perforated Black Matte Steel Tolix Stools with Short Back Rest

Tolix Perforated Brown Stools at Antiquaire

Closeup of Tolix Perforated Stools from Antiquaire

The Normal Studio has added a subtle re-design of the iconic Tolix A chair ! It is made from perforated plates instead of full metal plates.

tolix-arrivals-july-2009-058 tolix-arrivals-july-2009-059 tolix-arrivals-july-2009-060 tolix-arrivals-july-2009-061

The French Normal Studio ranks among the incoming generation of young designers who set a new direction for French design. Now we have an opportunity to see what direction it is going through the large furniture collection for Tolix, the legendary French brand.

The Tolix company, which is famous primarily for the A metal chair model designed in 1934 by the studio’s founder, Xavier Pauchard, has just presented a large furniture collection designed by the Normal Studio. Tolix still benefits from its manufacturing facilities, which have specialized in the manufacturing of metal furniture since the company’s beginning. This strategy befits the Normal Studio, whose work emphasizes elaborate and functional expressions.

In addition, the Normal Studio has added a subtle re-design of the iconic A chair to its collection. It is made from perforated plates instead of full metal plates.

Tolix, an expert in metal, could not choose a better group of designers than Normal Studio to complete this project. The studio puts an emphasis on materials in both its previous and current collections. Their work involves exploration and confrontation, especially due to their use of the various forms of a given material and its color combinations. The Surfaces collection only demonstrates their interest in this issue – now in collaboration with a modernist classic.

Also, custom color any of the Tolix Normal Studio Designs in any of the Tolix/RAL colors.

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